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Kira K.

I first discovered kettle bells about a year ago.  I had developed a Baker’s cyst in the back of my right knee, which was very large, and turned out, was causing two tendons to rub together.  It was, exactly as it sounds, extremely uncomfortable and hindering in my everyday movements, let alone exercise.  I was searching for a new source of cardio and strength training that would still keep me in shape, but not inflame my knee as I waited a year for surgery.  Looking around the gym one day at all the posters, checking out my self-serve options, my eyes landed on the very same poster that had intrigued me many times before.  Kettlebells.  The only reason I had not joined before is that one trainer had put a large note stating ‘please no joint problems’.  Joint problems, I have an abundance of.  Or should I say, did.  I decided heck with it, what they don’t know won’t stop me.

My first class was very interesting.  That little pink bell, 15 lbs, was a feat to lift, push, pull and swing for an hour or so.  I remember a few classes in, when Tim had told me to pick up the 25 pounder; I looked at him like he was speaking gibberish.  Yes, I had strength trained before.  No, I had not even considered pushing a 25 lb dumbbell over my head.  Needless to say, he made me, and everyone else in the class do it.  It was a huge step in the right direction.  Ever since that day, my feeling of accomplishment and has got me hooked.  Kettlebells are the best form of exercise I have ever encountered.  I have been in the running club.  Tied to the elliptical.  Spin classes.  Claimed a weight bench.  I am stronger and leaner than I have ever been, or ever thought I would be with the amount of time I could spare for the gym.

Within a few months, I was doing 35 lb snatches and 25 lb presses, something I never saw as a possibility.  Something I assumed only someone who spent hours upon hours in the gym training could do.  The combination of cardio and strength training in the small amount of time required has whipped me into shape and is unparalleled to any other form of exercise.  The joint problems I had once dealt with every day seemed to virtually disappear, and my visits to the chiropractor have diminished.  It has picked up my spirit, my attitude, and you could even go as far to say my outlook on life.  When one can stand tall and strong, you can see things differently in the world.  Thanks Kettlebells!

Brenda S. via Linked In:

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

“I NEVER liked kettlebells until I took a class from Tim. He’s a kickass trainer and always has an organized planned class when it’s go time. He’s going to make me fit :)”

Betty W.

In January of 2011, after a bit of a hiatus from working out, I decided to go back to the gym.  (Best Body Fitness in Sylvan Lake)  I wanted to shed a few pounds and I decided to ask for a personal trainer to help.  Tim Day set up a program and guided me through 20 sessions to help me meet my goal.  When these sessions were over I was quite pleased with the results and felt that I had learned a lot.

As the sessions were coming to an end, I was invited to try the kettlebell class that Tim teaches.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that this was a class I would attend regularly.  I could see that it was an efficient use of time.  Before the kettlebell classes, I would spend an hour working on lower body exercises one day and an hour on upper body the next.  The third session during the week would bring me back to lower body, etc.  This doesn’t include the time that I had to devote to cardio.  During a one hour kettlebell class, everything is covered:  Cardio, upper body and lower body exercises.

When instructing, Tim pushes us to work hard, but never insists that we do anything we simply can’t.  He is always promoting safety and is very patient.  The classes are enjoyable (dare I say fun?) and I am always impressed with the wide variety of exercises / routines we do.

The hard work has paid off in so many ways!  My primary goal was to lose a few pounds.  In December of 2011, when shopping for jeans, I was absolutely thrilled to discover that I was down two sizes.  This is beyond what I had hoped for!  I have lost 15 and a half pounds and 25 inches.  I don’t follow a meal plan.  I try to eat sensibly, but I don’t feel like I have to deprive myself.  There have been so many other benefits.  I sleep well and have a lot of energy.  I feel I am better able to deal with the everyday stresses that I encounter in my job.  When I attend the class after having a bad day, I feel like I “swing the stress away!”  I feel stronger when performing tasks such as lifting groceries or moving furniture.  I can run for a longer period of time without feeling out of breath.  Participating in physical activities has never been my strength.  However, my self-confidence improves dramatically as realize what I am capable of doing.  I feel proud when I note my progress.

I would definitely recommend the kettlebell class to anyone who wants to reap all the benefits of an exercise program.

Kim B.
I attended my first kettlebell class in July 2012 with Tim. I was exploring kettlebells as I had hot yoga and pole dancing – what kind of a workout was it and how would my body respond?

I loved it from the start. I’ve never been bored. I am always challenged. Tim is encouraging and positive, but more important his instruction is based on posture, control and education in the original skill of kettlebells, not the fitness fad that has strong women swinging little bitty bells way too high at risk of injury.

No doubt about it, kettlebells has changed my health and fitness dramatically. My core, arms and shoulders, legs and glutes are all stronger. More importantly, my cardio, endurance, and recovery time has profoundly improved.

If you’re not coordinated, or hate bootcamp; if you are not a runner or just need something new to try – kettlebells with Primal Movers and Tim Day gets two thumbs waaay up for hard work, results and fun!

Michelle R.

Hey Tim. Just wanted to let you know I must have been inspired at your workshop because I am on my second week of following the Lauren Brooks kettlebell program. I really like how it is gradually getting me back into this and I can already feel my strength and endurance growing!! Very exciting as I was having a knee problem which I know was related to a hip and back issue – you know the sedentary lifestyle or as I like to call it the couch injury – and now it is almost gone!!

In a few weeks I would like to get together with you to review technique and make sure I don’t form any bad habits. My left shoulder is significantly weaker than my right but I still use the 10 kg bell – I am just giving myself more time to complete the exercise and so far no pain!

Talk to you soon.


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