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Beating the Brain


It’s been just over two years since I’ve written on this thing.

Apparently I didn’t have much to say.

On May 4th and 5th of this year (same day as the last blog post two years ago) I took an Agatsu Certification course.  It was with Kim Rossignol at Endorphin Fitness in Regina.

I’ve had two weeks to process what I went through.

This wasn’t the first Agatsu cert I took.  A lot has changed since that weekend.  I’ve moved, stopped training, started training, stopped, started..

It just over ten years ago when I did the cert the first time, hosted by Kim and Shawn Mozen in Calgary.  It was the single toughest weekend I’d ever been through.

Till two weeks ago.

I passed and earned my certificate again, but damn, it was tough.  I’m also ten years older.

I wasn’t worried about the movements.  I’ve done thousands and thousands of kettlebell swings, thousands of Turkish Get Ups, presses, and more.  Any I didn’t know or needed adjusting I would work on (I’m looking at you kettlebell jerk).

What worried me the most was my conditioning and endurance.  Simply put, it ain’t up to snuff.  Remember, I’m ten years older, and just about half of that time I was a bit lazier as I didn’t go to the gym or practice near as much as I used to before moving to Regina.

mighty 01

My brain, it turns out, was my biggest obstacle.  Sure, I was beat.  Sure, I stopped doing some movements on the final circuit (delightfully known as The Garden of Pain).  Sure, I was wondering why the hell I was putting myself through this, but I never put the bell down unless told to.

I’m not gonna lie, it was hard, damned hard. Remember, I’m ten years older.

Over the past two weeks I’ve given the experience a lot of thought.  I’ve concluded my practice for the next while will be on conditioning and endurance.  One does not want to be winded walking down the sidewalk or up the stairs.  And the biggest battle in all of it is my brain.  The damned thing works harder than all of your muscles telling you to stop and thing doesn’t even move, flex, extend, lift, or pump up.  Really, the thing is kind of lazy when it comes to fitness.

A special shout out to Kim at Endorphin.  As a coach, instructor, trainer, and all around bad-ass, she knew all the right things to say during our weekend to get us through some challenging experiences.

tim and kim

Incidentally, the meaning of Masakatsu Agatsu is what I’ve just been blabbing about: “Masakatsu Agatsu translates as “True victory is victory over oneself.” Agatsu refers to this idea of self mastery. This is “beginner’s mind” — maintaining humility, always learning and refining as a student.” – from the Agatsu website.

It’s amazing what can happen when we actually tell ourselves what can do….. or worse… what we can’t.



My Goal

I’ve probably mentioned this somewhere along the way on here.  I know I have in my classes in the past.  I have a goal.  That goal is to attain my SFG Level I Instructor.

What the heck is that?  Strong First Girya Level One.  What’s a ‘girya?’  Well, in short, a kettlebell.  So, simply put an SFG Level I is a “Strong First Level One Kettlebell Instructor.”

I’ve been tossing this idea around for a while now.  Especially since talking with Franz Snideman in November after receiving my HKC certification.  I truly believe this is the route I want to take in regards to my next level of kettlebells.

Of course, pursuing this goal is nsfg kettlebellot something one can take lightly.  I’ll need to train, practice and learn about how my mind will react to three days of intense training and learning.  And of course there is the physical demands I’ll be placed under, too.

This will not be easy.  So through Franz I made contact with Geoff Neupert and was steered by him to purchase a couple of his books.  “Kettlebell Burn” arrived in my email inbox and “Kettlebell Muscle” should arrive in the mail in the next few days.  After chatting with Geoff briefly via Facebook, he gave me great encouragement and told me to follow the programs to the letter (that’s a challenge for a lot of people, and a topic for another day. ) and I’ll be ready for SFG Level I.  Awesome.

And then I saw this – Kettlebell Fever – StrongFirst UK – The Story of Jayne Torvill

Jayne Torvill is a British Ice Dancer and Gold Medalist from the 1984 Winter Olympics.Torvill and Dean win the gold medal in Sarajevo.

That inspired me even further.  I’ve seen some short videos of SFG Level I, but this one impressed me and made me feel like this is something I can achieve.

Will this be easy?  Nope.  Is it doable?  Yep.  By when?  I’m hoping to have passed SFG Level I by the end of 2014.

Wish me luck!  I think I can.. I think I can… actually, I know I can… I know I can…

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.”  – Ayn Rand