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My Two Point Epiphany

It seems as though it’s been some time since I’ve posted.. Lazy.. ha… not really, just felt I haven’t had much to write.

I realized two things today.  I felt young and I’m moving.

I was standing looking out my office window and I felt young.  Like early twenties young.  Physically and mentally.  I just felt young.  It was weird.  I’m sure we all get that feeling once in a while, but today it really stuck with me.  It must come with age.

I also realize I’m able to move.  I have the ability to move.  We all do.  Some do it well.  Some don’t.  I played volleyball tonight and I’ll be honest, I was probably close to if not twice as old as most of the people on my team.  To me, not a big deal.  I was able to keep up (I think).  But after I got home I realized I can still move.  I’m closer to fifty than I am to forty and I know some people that can’t do that at my age or even half my age.

I feel most of it I owe to discovering a healthy lifestyle.  It’s been about a dozen years since I’ve started a ‘healthier’ lifestyle and moved from about 30% body-fat to less than half that and whatever I’m at now.  Kettlebells are a big part (ask anyone who knows me), other fitness tools and somewhat diet (I don’t really watch what I eat – I should).  At times I have great dreams of getting an SFG or RKC certification, but I have some little issues I need to deal with first.

I want to point out I am by no means an athlete.  At this point in my life I’m training to be able feel young and to move.

It seems to be working. For an old guy.


Creativity In Training

One of the big things I’ve learned over the past while with kettlebell classes is creativity is key.  Not everybody likes doing the same thing over and over again ad nauseam.  Me?  I could do Pavel’s Program Minimum for ages.  I have been actually, due to slow (to me) progress for my hip.

As an instructor I could continually use a process whereby the class doesn’t have to do a lot of thinking when it comes to the movements.  I just shout ’em out and they change to the next one accordingly.  That gets boring.  For them and me.

So I change it up.  I’ve used a deck of cards where a suit is a movement (spades is swings) and the number I pull is the amount of reps (ten of spades is ten swings).  Kinda fun and the randomness can suck pretty bad.  Imagine getting a whole crapload of presses in a row.  Yikes!

What I’ve started to do lately is put the onus on the participant when it comes to the movements.  I choose the movements and they decide how they want to do them.

I designed something I call “The Six Fifty.”  Here’s how it shakes down:

Swings x 300 reps

Double Bottoms Up Press x 100

Bent Over Rows x 50/side

Face the Wall Squats x 100

Push Ups x 50

Rest as needed.

A total of six hundred and fifty reps.  Take all the time you want, it doesn’t matter to me, and do them in any order you wish.  It helps reduce competition between people (that dude is still swinging, I should too) and makes the participant choose the movements they want to get out of the way first.  Do they do the ones they hate first to get them out of the way?  Do they keep body parts separate?  Do they choose the most challenging ones for them first?

However long it takes is how long it takes.  Keep track of your times to get an idea of improvement.

Sometimes you need to leave some of the creativity in the hands of those doing the work.  I’ll add more varieties down the road.