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My Goal

I’ve probably mentioned this somewhere along the way on here.  I know I have in my classes in the past.  I have a goal.  That goal is to attain my SFG Level I Instructor.

What the heck is that?  Strong First Girya Level One.  What’s a ‘girya?’  Well, in short, a kettlebell.  So, simply put an SFG Level I is a “Strong First Level One Kettlebell Instructor.”

I’ve been tossing this idea around for a while now.  Especially since talking with Franz Snideman in November after receiving my HKC certification.  I truly believe this is the route I want to take in regards to my next level of kettlebells.

Of course, pursuing this goal is nsfg kettlebellot something one can take lightly.  I’ll need to train, practice and learn about how my mind will react to three days of intense training and learning.  And of course there is the physical demands I’ll be placed under, too.

This will not be easy.  So through Franz I made contact with Geoff Neupert and was steered by him to purchase a couple of his books.  “Kettlebell Burn” arrived in my email inbox and “Kettlebell Muscle” should arrive in the mail in the next few days.  After chatting with Geoff briefly via Facebook, he gave me great encouragement and told me to follow the programs to the letter (that’s a challenge for a lot of people, and a topic for another day. ) and I’ll be ready for SFG Level I.  Awesome.

And then I saw this – Kettlebell Fever – StrongFirst UK – The Story of Jayne Torvill

Jayne Torvill is a British Ice Dancer and Gold Medalist from the 1984 Winter Olympics.Torvill and Dean win the gold medal in Sarajevo.

That inspired me even further.  I’ve seen some short videos of SFG Level I, but this one impressed me and made me feel like this is something I can achieve.

Will this be easy?  Nope.  Is it doable?  Yep.  By when?  I’m hoping to have passed SFG Level I by the end of 2014.

Wish me luck!  I think I can.. I think I can… actually, I know I can… I know I can…

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.”  – Ayn Rand


How We Eat Is A Funny Thing

Food is funny.  How we treat is even funnier.

I want to remind you once again, I am not a registered dietician, so I can’t really give you a professional point of view with food and meal plans.  But, really, a lot of it is common sense.

Thousands of years ago food was a necessity.  Still, it is, but now it’s kind of become recreation.  See food, eat it.  That’s kind of the mentality we’ve come to in our society.  I’m pretty sure though, some cultures don’t treat food how we do.

Let me introduce you to Franz Snideman.  You can find him here on Facebook or here at his blog.  With any luck I’ll be meeting him this fall.  That’s a story for another time, though.

Anyhoo, here’s a bit about him:

15 years in the fitness industry and Senior RKC Kettlebell Instructor based in La Jolla, CA. Co-owner of Revolution Fitness Kettlebell Studio in La Jolla, CA. Father of two wonderful kids!!!

He posted the following on Facebook earlier today:

Some random thoughts:

1) Don’t eat things that your know make you feel like crap. I have done this for years and am perplexed why I do this.

2) Eat the best quality food you have access to. you are what you eat.

3) The emotional state you are in while you eat is highly important. Hard to digest food well when you are angry, sad and depressed.

4) Remember to live a little and eat plenty of dark chocolate, have a bit of red wine and some good coffee.

I certainly will NOT disagree with statement four and definitely not number three.  I preach number two to a lot of people.  The one that struck me was number one.  I’m guilty of this, too.  And after reading it I wonder why?

There is a certain fast food I get a craving for and once in a while cave and get it (I haven’t eaten this in a long time – I want to say in about a year).  But I know when I’m done I’m going to feel like crap.  And I do.  Every. Single. Time.

So why do we do it?  I’m starting to feel we really need to approach food in a totally different manner.  Trying not to see it as recreation or a hobby, but really think about it as we eat.  Analyze the situation, almost.

Let me propose a challenge to you; as you eat, think about the food.  Don’t just chew it, think about it.  Texture, taste, all of it.  You might wind up with a different approach to eating.