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Thank Goodness Breathing Is An Involuntary Thing

This is from Wikipedia (so it must be true):

Breathing is one of the few bodily functions which, within limits, can be controlled both consciously and unconsciously.”

Think about it.. if you want to hold your breath, you can.  That is an especially good thing if you like to swim.  If you go to sleep, you keep on breathing.  It just happens.  You don’t need to think about.  This is an especially good thing if you wish to wake up in the morning.

As my meditation journey continues I’ve had some successes and some, um.. unsuccesses?  Is that word?  I don’t want to say failures because they are not.

As complicated as meditation is made out to be, it’s not.  But, it’s not easy, either.  The task is simple; sit and breath.  But be aware of the breathing.. focus on the breathing.  As your mind wanders, go back to focusing on the breathing. When things wander into your brain, acknowledge them, let them go and don’t judge them. They’re there and gone, that’s it.

Sounds easy.

Sometimes I’ve found myself dwelling on things and then realize I need to focus on the breathing.  Some would say the dwelling is the unsuccessful part.  Maybe it is. But each time I recognize I’m not focused on the breathing it becomes a success and I refocus on my breath.

Sometimes I’m meditating for twenty minutes.  Tonight, not so lucky.  I made it just shy of eight.  To me, both were successes.

That’s when it hit me the other morning, thank goodness breathing is an involuntary thing, cause when you need to concentrate on it all the time it’s hard.

It will get easier though.  I’ve been at this meditation thing now for about four weeks or so.  I feel I’ve noted a change in me.

Some believe you need to hit ten thousand hours of deliberate practice to become world class in any field.

I’ve a ways to go.

Practice is everything. This is often misquoted as Practice makes perfect.” – Periander

My Goal

I’ve probably mentioned this somewhere along the way on here.  I know I have in my classes in the past.  I have a goal.  That goal is to attain my SFG Level I Instructor.

What the heck is that?  Strong First Girya Level One.  What’s a ‘girya?’  Well, in short, a kettlebell.  So, simply put an SFG Level I is a “Strong First Level One Kettlebell Instructor.”

I’ve been tossing this idea around for a while now.  Especially since talking with Franz Snideman in November after receiving my HKC certification.  I truly believe this is the route I want to take in regards to my next level of kettlebells.

Of course, pursuing this goal is nsfg kettlebellot something one can take lightly.  I’ll need to train, practice and learn about how my mind will react to three days of intense training and learning.  And of course there is the physical demands I’ll be placed under, too.

This will not be easy.  So through Franz I made contact with Geoff Neupert and was steered by him to purchase a couple of his books.  “Kettlebell Burn” arrived in my email inbox and “Kettlebell Muscle” should arrive in the mail in the next few days.  After chatting with Geoff briefly via Facebook, he gave me great encouragement and told me to follow the programs to the letter (that’s a challenge for a lot of people, and a topic for another day. ) and I’ll be ready for SFG Level I.  Awesome.

And then I saw this – Kettlebell Fever – StrongFirst UK – The Story of Jayne Torvill

Jayne Torvill is a British Ice Dancer and Gold Medalist from the 1984 Winter Olympics.Torvill and Dean win the gold medal in Sarajevo.

That inspired me even further.  I’ve seen some short videos of SFG Level I, but this one impressed me and made me feel like this is something I can achieve.

Will this be easy?  Nope.  Is it doable?  Yep.  By when?  I’m hoping to have passed SFG Level I by the end of 2014.

Wish me luck!  I think I can.. I think I can… actually, I know I can… I know I can…

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.”  – Ayn Rand

Broken? Again?


It seems just as I get a head of steam going, something silly happens and I get injured.

Yep, I was rescuing a small child from a burning building.  Ya, that’s it.  That’s exactly what I was doing.

Well, that’s a blatant lie.  The truth of the matter is, I don’t even know what I did.

What I do know is it seems my sacroiliac joint is not pleased with something I did.  My guess is this is still from a year ago when I hobbled out of the gym and then dealt with the worst pain I have ever experienced.

Physio, chiro, Graston, A.R.T. have all helped but haven’t cured the issue.

I’m gonna try something new.  I.M.S.  Intra Muscular Stimulation.  I was told recently it’s like getting a massage with a needle.  Well, that doesn’t sound fun at all.  But apparently it works and works well.

Tuesday is the big day.  If this blog suddenly goes dead, you’ll have an idea why.

I read a great quote today: “It is easier to build strong children then to repair broken men” ~ Frederick Douglass

As I re-read this quote, I wonder how much of the struggles I’m having with my hip and low back stemmed from years of inactivity.

In high school I was lean.  We worked hard in phys ed.  Seriously.  Stuff that seemed ridiculous at the time, but looking back now was amazing.  And most of it was bodyweight stuff.  I don’t remember using a single piece of machinery.  Not one.  I was in such good shape I had a six pack!

After high school I became pretty inactive and, well, not in very good shape at all.  For years in fact.  Close to twenty.  I’d like a do over.

Trying to tell a teenager how important their health is and they should start taking care of it now is like smacking your head against a brick wall.

My suggestion, as a parent, lead by example.  Sooner or later (hopefully sooner) they’ll catch on and see the importance.  Because truly it is easier to become strong young and stay strong old instead of trying to get repaired every six months.

I’ll let ya know how the IMS goes.