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Don’t Flaunt It – Sorta

Chances are pretty good I’m guilty of being ‘that guy‘ when it comes to getting healthy and fitter.  I’m pretty sure there were times I was kind of annoying and in people’s faces to a certain degree when I hopped aboard the path to a healthier lifestyle.  After all I wanted to shout from the rooftops I had arrived at a lifestyle change.

That’s nice…

Good for you…

Face it fitness friend, not everyone wants to hear about kettlebells, undulating periodization, the latest on protein to muscle mass ratio.  It’s good that you do, but not everyone wants to hear about it. ALL. THE. TIME.

I fear I was that guy.  I might still be, who knows?

One does not need to get preachy about a healthy lifestyle. Encourage but don’t be preachy.  If someone is curious about how you made your changes let them know.  Discuss it with them about your journey and how you arrived at it.  A gentle nudge is way better than a you-better-do-this push.

If you think about it, you are essentially a walking billboard for a healthier lifestyle.  If you make dramatic changes to your body there may be nothing better than people seeing those changes.  Especially if they haven’t seen you for some time.  A healthier, fitter person tends to walk taller, prouder and well, look different than they may have a few months ago.  Sometimes that’s the only sales pitch you need.  If they get curious, they’ll ask.  If they’re interested and sincere they may join you.

Sure, encourage, but don’t annoy.  Use subtle encouragement.




New Year Same Me…

Well, 2013 is in the review mirror and 2014 is in front of us.  Boldly awaiting our resolutions and claims to make ourselves better.  I don’t make them at the start of a new year.  I haven’t in ages.  If you really want to see changes in yourself, why wait?  Why not start now?

“New year, same me. I don’t need a date on the calendar to start busting ass.” – Ross Enamait.  Google the guy.  He knows his stuff and makes no excuses.  None.  Ever.

However, that all being said, some people want a specific starting point.  Fair enough.

Some things to remember if you are making a New Years Resolution this week to get healthy(ier) (this is a blog about health and well-being, after all):

–  you will fall off the wagon – you’re only human.  Recognize the fact you ate something you maybe shouldn’t have or missed a training session.  Dust yourself off and start over.

–  make small, manageable goals.  It’s easier to focus on some small things and achieve those rather than a larger goal.  Sure, something large to achieve is a good idea, but get to it in steps.  Typically we don’t climb an entire staircase in one step, we take them one at a time (or two if you have long legs).

–  write it all down.  Document your journey.  Goals set, achieved and surpasses.  Take pictures.  Really, this helps.  A lot.  The image in your memory is completely different than what you see on a photo.

–  tell someone what you are doing.  Make sure it’s someone who will be supportive and maybe have your back should you face a setback.  Lots of people say they do, many of them actually may not.

–  stay away from saboteurs.  This may be hard, but at the very least, recognize who they are.  Not everyone is ready to make the step to a healthy lifestyle and may ‘gently’ encourage you to have ‘just one brownie!  You can afford to eat it!”  I’ve been there.

–  find help.  There is always someone willing to help keep you on track.  A trainer, a friend, fitness mentor.  They are around, you just may need to look.

There are many more things to do to keep you on track.  Too many to list, really.  This is a good start, though.

One thing I want you to remember for sure is you look like you.  You may have an image in your mind of who you want to look like, but remember, you are YOU.  I’ve heard far too many dudes say they want to look like Brad Pitt in “Fight Club.”  (apparently this is something we don’t talk about – I dunno – I’ve never seen the movie).  And ladies, if Barbie were real, she’d all be out of proportion.

Once you get on this wagon, with the occasional downfall, you’re in it for the long haul.  Enjoy the ride.  Learn what you can.  And stay healthy.

I Call Bull S**T

bullshitOkay, something about this statement has always made me a little weirded out:  “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”  I understand what whoever made that up is trying to say, but I don’t like it.  I wonder, maybe, if I’ve even uttered it.

I hope not.

The picture on the side of this post sums it up quite well, I think.

I feel it should say “nothing tastes as good as healthy and fit feels.” That may even need some work and editing.

I saw this picture today and certainly had to agree.

It’s bologna.

Achieving ‘skinny’ doesn’t mean you’re healthy.  You can be skinny fat.  This means low weight, no muscle.  Which means no muscle, skinny, but a high percentage of body fat.  That’s not good.  That’s not healthy.  Period.

A few months ago I saw on social media someone addressing the ‘fitspiration’ photos that grace all social media.  You know the ones… no?  Well, here’s one:


What’s wrong with this picture?  First off, how many people, women or men, train like this?  Seriously?

Secondly, is this a realistic image for anyone to have?  I really have no problem with the caption, but in all honesty I think this photo is somewhat an unrealistic image to portray.

How many people do you know who really look like this?  Really.  One?  Maybe two?  If you know more you’re likely in a specialized group of people working toward a fitness competition.

And maintaining that physique over an extended period of time is VERY challenging.  Just ask any competitor. You simply cannot do it.

Am I guilty of posting those in the past?  Yep.  And I try not to anymore.  From time to time I do, but I’m more aware of it now and am leery of the image portrayed by these ‘fitspiration’ messages (more often than not an advertising image).

So please, eat well, exercise, set realistic goals and you’ll be fine.