Basic Movements for Daily Life

Essential Oils

As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to realize total body health is not just what you see, but what you cannot see.

If you walk by someone’s office and that person is just sitting there, they may look totally healthy.  What you can’t see is what’s underneath the skin.  Do they have high blood pressure?  Heart disease?  A cold?  Are they suffering from chronic pain?  Back pain?  Joint pain?  Is this person unable to sleep?  Or are they having anxiety?

What you can’t see may be a bigger issue than what you can see.

Essential Oils can help fight the internal battle.  Oil of Oregano and Thieves for colds, Lemon for mental alertness and a variety for joint and muscle pain.  There are Essential Oils for virtually any challenge you may be facing.

I’ve used PanAway for joint and muscle pain with great success.  I’ve combined PanAway with other oils for combined effort to attack pain.

Health Happens offers not only Young Living Essential Oils, but also Facial Rejuvenation to make you look and feel younger.  Click the HERE for more details.  Combining physical fitness with the services of Health Happens will cover you from the inside out!

We can help you look great, feel great and live great.


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