Basic Movements for Daily Life


Offering fitness training in a one on one setting or in a small group setting of up to four people. Majority of the training or practice will be with kettlebells and some bodyweight movements. I will bring kettlebells with me (they will be available for purchase), you provide your training gear and water!

I am willing to travel, but depending upon distance, there may be a mileage charge.

If you prefer a gym setting, I also practice/teach at Best Body Fitness in Sylvan Lake. Drop in classes run Mondays and Wednesday at 7:00pm.

Bentley Bells are held at the Bentley Elementary Gym Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:00pm and are seasonal.  If the school is closed, there is no class that evening.

I also be offer pro-grade kettlebells for sale so you can practice in your own home.

My kettlebell certifications include Level One from both Kettlebell Training Academy and Agatsu –

I am now also HKC certified through Dragon Door.

Each session is an hour and includes warm up, practice and stretching. And, you will not be doing crunches or situps. 🙂

About Tim:

Well, almost two decades ago I got into radio. I am currently the afternoon announcer in KG Country in Red Deer (KG Afternoons with Tim Day). After a number of years of leading a lifestyle that was basically inactive, I decided to take part in the Fit n Firm Challenge at the Red Deer College. Prior to that I had hit around 230 unhealthy pounds.

Like most people, I started and stopped numerous times, discouraged after seeing no results after one workout… well, that only makes sense, it took numerous days of bad eating, there’s no way one workout would make it go away.

After the first Fit n Firm Challenge, something just clicked. I’ve been committed to a healthier lifestyle since and it’s been about eight years.

I’ve tried a bunch of different programs but fell in love with kettlebells about two and a half years ago. I am a firm believer that every workout/training tool has a place and a purpose, but most of my practice is with the kettlebell. Weights and cardio in one session and quite often done in about an hour. No complaints from me.

I continue to learn and study the movements that go along with kettlebells, thus the term practice, and try to pass that knowledge along to those in my classes.

What I Believe About Exercise and a Healthy Lifestyle:

– I believe wait times at hospitals and ERs would be shorter if people exercised three hours a week, minimum.

– I believe your stress would be reduced.

– I believe you would be able to walk without running out of breath.

– I believe you would sleep better and be happier.

– I believe it’s simpler than you think.

– I believe you can find the time.

– I believe you need the time for yourself.

– I believe it doesn’t take as much time as you might think.

– I believe YOU can DO it.

If you have any questions at all, email me at


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