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The Times Change

So long kettlebells.  It’s been nice knowing you.

Well, I’m bidding them farewell for now.  Since we moved to Regina I had been practicing in my basement until recently.  I decided I missed the social aspect of a gym so I joined one a few months ago.  Oh, I don’t talk to people in the gym.  I avoid them at all costs.  I’d rather not visit while I’m there, just get the job done and get out.  But there’s something about going to a room full of people who (hopefully) have the same basic goal as you might.

The facility I go to has a few KBs, the heaviest is 18kg so I started lugging in my own 24kg for fun.  I like the facility. Clean, brightly lit and a TON of gear.  I mean a TON!  Stuff I’ve never seen before and squat racks for miles.

This got me yearning for the use of barbells again.  All I’ve really used for the last half dozen years or so were kettlebells.

So last night I revisited some old logs I had and rediscovered “The New Rules of Lifting.”  It’s a great read with a ton of workout plans.  Monday I restart with it.  I’m going to tackle “Fat Loss I.”  I need it.  I did a quick body comp this morning.  The numbers weren’t pleasant.

So, for now, my kettlebells will gather a bit of dust while I travel a path I haven’t in a while.