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I’m Back – Or Something

Since the move from Central Alberta to Regina a year and a half ago my practice sessions have been, uh, less than stellar.  Hit and miss, you might say.

I don’t believe I’ve really gained any weight, but my shape has changed.  Either that or my clothes shrank.

Well today I’ve restarted.  I joined a gym.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mind the convenience of heading to the basement to do some kettlebell work.  It did have it’s limitations, though.  The ceiling is too low for overhead work, so presses, snatches and Turkish Get Ups were out of the question.  Unless my landlord was cool with kettlebell sized holes in it.

Plus, I miss the atmosphere of a gym with all the equipment giving one the potential to be living the healthiest life they’ve ever lived.  There’s just something about getting up and keeping that appointment to go somewhere to train.  At least for me.  If that’s not your bag, that’s cool, too.

Not only will it give me the freedom to do overhead work, but it should help alleviate stress and anxiety.  Two things I’ve struggled with for a very long time.  I’m now combining physical exercise with mental exercise (mindfulness meditation) to help with those two annoyances.

So, I’m back at it… slowly.  Today’s practice wasn’t spectacular, but at least it was done.