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Uconscious Selfishness

A bit a go I had a rant about selfishness.  See here.  In short, some people seem to believe taking time for yourself at the gym or being healthy is selfish.  Suffice to say I believe you are not being selfish if you are taking care of your health, quite the opposite in fact.

That being said, I do feel not taking care of your health and well-being is selfish.  Now I certainly don’t feel an unhealthy person is being selfish consciously, at least I hope not, but rather unconsciously selfish.

How so?

Alright, take for instance the person at the office who is constantly sick.  They don’t eat well, exercise or take care of themselves.  That person at work is counted on to do a job and get the job done.  They have certain responsibilities and others at the job site rely on them to get it done.  This unhealthy person might have a tendency to call in sick on a fairly regular basis, thus putting the pressure on the other staff to get the job done.  Consciously selfish? I hope not.  Unconsciously selfish? Maybe.

Trust me, this goes beyond the workplace, too.  If you’re beat up and exhausted, what good might you be to your family when they need you?

Simply put, a minimum of three hours a week THREE!! of exercise is all it takes to get you going in the right direction.  A simple change to your eating habits will go a long way, too. Perhaps even more than the exercise.

The better you take care of yourself, the more you are able to accomplish at home with loved ones, work and life.

Three hours a week.  Start there and see how much you grow.