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The Click

There is an analogy I use on occasion about my fitness experience and journey.  About ten years ago I took part in a fitness challenge at the Red Deer College.  There were prizes involved as an incentive to get fit and take part.  Winning was based on muscle gain, fat loss and a few other odds and ends to measure how well you did after the twelve weeks were done.  I did this a number of times and when I did it the first time I did very well.  Finished near the top, in fact.

That’s when things ‘clicked.’  I had experienced ‘The Click.’  That’s my analogy.  Things finally fell into place and ‘Clicked.’

Up until that point I hadn’t really done anything to keep my fitness level healthy since high school.  And that was many years before.  Many. Years. Before. Oh I’d started and stopped a few times prior to the fitness challenge, but hell, I was never gonna get overweight… right?

I’m sure in my mind I thought I could still do what I did in Grade Twelve, but in reality I was running out of breath walking up two flights of stairs.  It sucked.  A lot.  Literally and figuratively.

But then I experienced ‘The Click.’ A switch came on and the fitness experience stuck with me and my journey began.  Am I able to leap tall buildings in a single bound?  Nope, the journey continues, but I’m on it, and to me that’s what matters.  I’m sure at times I was the annoying dude who just discovered fitness and was trying to get everyone to join in, even if they hadn’t discovered ‘The Click.’

Not everyone has experienced ‘The Click.’  There are some lucky ones who are born with it.  There are those who discover it early in life and hang on to it.  There are those who find ‘The Click’ later in life and have to work to keep it switched on.  And there are those on their journey towards it and know it’s there, but haven’t found it yet.

The last two are the hardest.  The second last ‘Un-Clicked’ person on the list may not actually enjoy exercise but sticks with it because they know it’s beneficial.  The last ‘Un-Clicked’ person on the list has the hardest experience.  This is the group that needs sincere support, not just lip service.  Anyone can blow smoke, but you need to make the ‘Un-Clicked’ believe it will happen.  Be honest with them.  Physical activity will take work.  It won’t happen overnight.  There is no pill.  Quick fixes tend to be fake.

If you’ve discovered ‘The Click’ and want to help others get it too, show your support.  Help them.  Let them experience different ways of finding ‘The Click.’  What worked for you may not work for them.  That’s cool.  Join them in something they might like.  You might find you like it too.  If that doesn’t work, find something else.

Help them find their ‘Click.’  Be supportive, not judgmental.  Positive, not negative.  Open minded, not closed to new ideas.

Everyone has ‘The Click.’  For some it takes a while to find and switch it on and that person needs to be ready.  You simply can’t force ‘The Click’ on people.  And some will never get ‘Clicked,’ either.

If you’re on the journey of finding yours, have patience, you’ll get there.  Not every ‘Clicked’ person enjoys exercise or will lift a thousand pounds, they do it because it needs to be done.

Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” – Francis of Assisi


Spring – A Time For New Beginnings

There’s a rumour going around.  That rumour is it’s Spring.  Well, on the calendar it is, but not so much by looking outside.  Not much you can do about the weather, so I guess we just have to deal with it.

Spring signifies a time for new beginnings.  The grass is new, the leaves are new, we sow, we clean, we prepare for the Summer, Fall, Winter and then next Spring.  None of what we sow and grow happens in a day.  It takes a full season.

The same can be said for health and fitness.  There is always a beginning.  Sometimes (there was for me) there is more than one beginning until it sticks.

Since our hemisphere is in the process of a new beginning, maybe it’s your turn.  It doesn’t take much.  A walk around the block or a few minutes of yoga to get the day started.  Find something you like to do that keeps you active (not just in Spring and Summer, but year round) and take advantage of it.  Try a variety of things, you might be surprised.

So, while Mother Nature is starting things over, maybe you should too.  If it’s just starting the fitness journey or if you’ve been at it a while, setting a new goal, get at it.  Before you know it Summer will be here and if you haven’t sown anything, you’ll have nothing to reap.