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Nothing Is Easy to the Unwilling

We’ve all heard the person who is convinced something cannot be done.  “There’s no way that can be done,” this naysayer may say.  Or maybe it’s “too hard.”

Well, if you think that way, chances are it will be.  So it doesn’t get done.

“Nothing is easy to the unwilling.”  This quote is attributed to a couple of people, Nikki Giovanni and Thomas Fuller.  No matter who said it, it’s true.  The unwilling will try to find a way to make a somewhat easy task impossible.  Or maybe unbearable to the willing.

Your fitness goal is never going to be achieved if you are unwilling.  Don’t get me wrong, depending upon your fitness goal, it may not actually be easy.  Dropping unwanted weight, gaining wanted weight, finishing a Mud Run or marathon are not easy by any means.

Some people are somewhat willing but not committed to actually getting to their goal.  I’ve seen it happen.  After much encouragement a person I was working with was unwilling to do more because it wasn’t easy.  What did this person do?  Give up.  This person felt it was too hard and the path to getting to their goal was, in their eyes, unattainable and not easy.  I have no idea what this person is doing now in regards to fitness.

Again, plenty of fitness goals are not easy, but getting to them is a lot easier if you are willing.

Be willing, get it done.  Easy peasie, lemon squeezie.  If you’re willing.


The Runner’s High and Strong

Most of us have heard of the Runner’s High.  If not, here’s a quick link to wikipedia regarding it.  RUNNER’S HIGH.  Keep in mind, it’s on the internet so it must be true.  Ha.

This came up in discussion the other night in one of my kettlebell classes.  My wife says she doesn’t experience this event.  I’m not convinced I do either, but a few in the class do.  They’re wound up afterward and can’t climb down for a while.  Fair enough.  Gotta love endorphins.

I practice in the morning so I’m not concerned about losing sleep from being jacked up after swinging a kettlebell a few hundred times.  If I do experience any form of Runner’s High getting to the office ‘wound up’ may not be a bad thing.

What I do experience is long term effects.  While I’m not sure I get the immediate effect many get from a Runner’s High I do get the long term effects of practicing on a reasonably regular basis.

I’m stronger.  Not as strong as I want to be, though.  I will continue to practice.

I’m somewhat more flexible.  Not as flexible as I want to be, though.  I will continue to practice.

I’m slowing down the aging process.  At least I hope I am.  I’m not as old as I’m gonna get.  Funny thing is aging doesn’t take any practice.  Slowing it down does.  I will continue to practice.

No matter what your goal is (the Runner’s High or the above long term effects I feel I am getting), move.  Get stronger.  Strong feels good.  It looks good and, well, quite frankly, it’s kinda handy.

And trust me on this, you’re never too old to start.