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And There’s A Speed Bump

I don’t believe anyone has every said the road to most goals was easy.  I know I don’t think I ever have.

If you have been following along, I have the goal of becoming SFG Level I certified by the end of 2014.  And if you’ve been following along for a while, you’ll know I’ve been having some hip issues.  I’ve gone for chiropractic, physio, Graston, I.M.S., and the doctor a few times.  The first one tossed pills at me and the second one is sending me for an X-Ray.  Which is what I wanted the first time.

detourI think my hip knows I have this tremendous goal in mind and decided it wanted me to slow down just a little bit and has reared its ugly head again.  Thus the X-Ray.

Why did it come back?  I upped my practice intensity over the last couple of weeks as I was having no issues with my hip.  Apparently the problem is still there and off to the doctor I go in a few weeks.  Hopefully there is some sort of diagnosis.

So a roadblock is ahead of me.  I guess we’ll see what’s ahead and if this will stop me from reaching my goal, or just slow it down a little.

“For every failure, there’s an alternative course of action. You just have to find it. When you come to a roadblock, take a detour.” – Mary Kay Ash


Onward and Upward

So, as you may be aware I’m on my journey to achieve my SFG Level I.  I’m also gauging where I stand with my current physical condition.  Because of that I’m setting a benchmark from the get go as I make my way through my practice and training to get the SFG Level I level.

Today I did Chrissy Workout.  Simply put, it sucks.  A lot.  I’ve never met anyone who has done this and said “hey, this is fun!  When can we do it again?”

What is this delightful little kettlebell experience?  Here it is in a nutshell:

30 Tuck Jump Burpees

20 Two Handed Kettlebell Swings (I used a 16kg)

25 TJB

25 TS

20 TJB

30 TS

15 TJB

35 TS

10 TJB

40 TS


45 TS

A male my age with the KB weight I chose should be able to knock this out in about 20:00.

Here’s how long it took me today.

42Pretty awesome, eh?  Not.

I have a million excuses:  recovering from my hip, tired, old, didn’t have a protein with my breakfast before I did this, blah blah blah.

Oh, sorry, the actual time is probably closer to oh, 41:56 or so.  I had to get into position after starting the timer and then crawl back to it when I was done.  So it’s probably off by five seconds or so.  Big deal.

The fact of the matter is this time is horrible.  In fact it’s worse than when I got certified and we did this AFTER about six or seven hours of learning kettlebell moves.

The positive I am taking out of this is there is nowhere to go, but up.  And that I finished.

I NEED to improve this.

The body parts that seemed to suffer the most were the quads, but seriously, no muscles were about to fizzle and die on me.  It was my cardio.  I was totally winded.

That’s a lie.  The body part that was the real pain was my brain.  It basically told me “this can’t be done” after my THIRD burpee.  Not my third set of burpees, my THIRD burpee.  After I was done the first thirty I knew this wasn’t going to go the way I had envisioned.  Honestly, I was hoping for about twenty minutes……

As I watched that time pass, I thought, maybe twenty five….. that zoomed by…… how about thirty minutes?  Boom.  Gone.  At that point I was thinking ‘just get the damned thing done.’

I did.  And right now that is what I’m happy with.  I’m not pleased with the time it took, nor how my brain wouldn’t shut up during the entire forty minutes, nope forty TWO minutes, I’m happy I finished.

If you want a session that will test your endurance and conditioning this is the bad boy (or girl) to do it.

Oh, and one must not forget to train the brain that it’s not always quitting time.  Onward and upward.

“Mental toughness is to physical as four is to one.” – Bobby Knight

FOLLOW UP:  I wrote the majority of this yesterday, today I have Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) all over.

My Goal

I’ve probably mentioned this somewhere along the way on here.  I know I have in my classes in the past.  I have a goal.  That goal is to attain my SFG Level I Instructor.

What the heck is that?  Strong First Girya Level One.  What’s a ‘girya?’  Well, in short, a kettlebell.  So, simply put an SFG Level I is a “Strong First Level One Kettlebell Instructor.”

I’ve been tossing this idea around for a while now.  Especially since talking with Franz Snideman in November after receiving my HKC certification.  I truly believe this is the route I want to take in regards to my next level of kettlebells.

Of course, pursuing this goal is nsfg kettlebellot something one can take lightly.  I’ll need to train, practice and learn about how my mind will react to three days of intense training and learning.  And of course there is the physical demands I’ll be placed under, too.

This will not be easy.  So through Franz I made contact with Geoff Neupert and was steered by him to purchase a couple of his books.  “Kettlebell Burn” arrived in my email inbox and “Kettlebell Muscle” should arrive in the mail in the next few days.  After chatting with Geoff briefly via Facebook, he gave me great encouragement and told me to follow the programs to the letter (that’s a challenge for a lot of people, and a topic for another day. ) and I’ll be ready for SFG Level I.  Awesome.

And then I saw this – Kettlebell Fever – StrongFirst UK – The Story of Jayne Torvill

Jayne Torvill is a British Ice Dancer and Gold Medalist from the 1984 Winter Olympics.Torvill and Dean win the gold medal in Sarajevo.

That inspired me even further.  I’ve seen some short videos of SFG Level I, but this one impressed me and made me feel like this is something I can achieve.

Will this be easy?  Nope.  Is it doable?  Yep.  By when?  I’m hoping to have passed SFG Level I by the end of 2014.

Wish me luck!  I think I can.. I think I can… actually, I know I can… I know I can…

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.”  – Ayn Rand