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Working Through the Pain

We’ve all heard it “walk it off” or “work through the pain” or “it’s just a flesh wound” or “man up” or “no pain, no gain.”  Hell, I’ve even said some of these on occasion, but in jest.

Read this: “Funny thing about pain. People think its a signal you can train through. It ain’t. It’s a STOP signal…not a DO MORE signal.” That’s from the Facebook Group “Stop Chasing Pain.body-pain

Seems pretty sensible.  Alas, it’s not for some.

The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve started to believe that sentence above.  Young studs seem to think ‘working through the pain’ will toughen them up.  Maybe temporarily, but if it’s not attended to, it could harm you in the long run.

I guess at this point I should point out what ‘pain’ I’m talking about.  I’m not talking about the pain you feel when you start moving and using parts of the body you haven’t moved in ages.  I’m talking about the kind of pain that hurts.  Sharp bursts the make you buckle over clenching your jaw.  The kind of pain where you need to immediately drop the weight you’re holding.  That stab in the back that drops you to your knees.  That twist in the muscle that collapses you mid stride on your afternoon jog.  That’s the kind of pain I’m talking about.

PAIN.  Debilitating.  Excruciating.  MAKE IT STOP kinda pain.  Not a little muscle work.  Trust me.  If you felt both you’d want the ‘muscle work’ sorta pain to replace the MAKE IT STOP pain.

If you get the kinda pain that makes you want to run (assuming you can) screaming, seek some help.  Stop what you’re doing (put the weight down, studly) and get some medical guidance.  You might be twenty now, but you won’t be twenty forever and what you do at twenty (or don’t do at twenty) will affect you at forty (or earlier).

Don’t work through the pain, man up, grow a pair or any of that.  Man up be seeking some help.

Need some guidance in that department?  I know a few people.  I’ve stopped working through the pain for a while now.

Oh, and as a P.S.: where it hurts may not be the actual cause of the pain.  But that’s a story for another day.

“When someone’s back hurts they don’t want to blame their lifestyle, fitness level, or daily patterns.  Instead, they want to blame their back pain on starting the lawn mover last week,  which, in reality, is probably just the straw that broke the camel’s back.  Human beings live under the philosophy of, “I have a snowball and I have to throw it at someone.”  – Gray Cook


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  1. I agree, I am always telling my clients to listen to their body. What you did in your twenties will show up in your forties if you were not trainng properly. This is why its essential to be smart when your training not only athletes but the general population. As a trainer find the reason behind the clients pain and work that way rather then “pushing through it.”

    April 7, 2013 at 10:05 am

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