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The Parts of Health I’ve Never Addressed

I yack a LOT about the benefits of exercise and eating well.

What I’ve never seemed to discuss are the other aspects of a healthy lifestyle.  The stuff in your head.  The emotional and spiritual aspect of your health.

Have you ever had one of ‘those‘ days where you’re just not ‘into‘ going to the gym?  You know, you’ve got a lot on your mind be it family, work or whatever?  How does your workout usually go?  Probably not so good.

Lately I’ve been trying to keep myself in a positive frame of mind.  There are a lot of factors that can steer one clear of a positive frame of mind, too.  Just look at social media, or the news, or your co-worker who ‘has the worst possible life ever‘ along with ‘the crappiest job ever‘ and they’re just working to the weekend.


If you think your job or life sucks, read this book:  “Fish! A Proven Way to Boost Moral and Improve Results”

Anyhoo, back to my point.  If you find yourself surrounded by people who are just waiting for the day to end or don’t think anything is ever going to get better, move on.  You don’t need to eliminate them from your life, but they certainly don’t need to be a significant part of it.

Am I always positive and happy?  Nope.  But I’m trying to be.

I have no idea why it’s easier for people to complain instead of be positive and see good and be happy.  I wish I did.  I’d bottle it and make millions.

My suggestion to you, surround yourself with people who lift you up instead of dragging you down.  You’re never gonna move forward with a social anchor around your leg.

“The best years of your life are the ones in which you decide your problems are your own. You do not blame them on your mother, the ecology, or the president. You realize that you control your own destiny.” – Albert Ellis


Goal Setting – Part II

A while back I was relating how I never really had a goal.  I practice the swing and all the other things that go along with it, but no real goal, or an end to the means so to speak.

I think I have one now.

After taking my HKC a few months ago I’ve been giving moving to the next level a lot of thought.  There are a couple of routes I can take, but the one I want is SFG Level I – Strong First Girevik.  It’s a three day course with high volume and heavy testing.  It’s the next logical step up in my level of practice and teaching.

Movements tested include a lot of double kettlebell work and some single arm stuff.  Or, as the website says “just the basics, drilled to perfection.”

One of the movements tested is the kettlebell snatch.  For my weight I would need to snatch a 24kg bell one hundred times in five minutes.  I tried some today.  I have some work ahead of me.  Lots of work.

As for a timeline?  Not sure yet.  I have to find a certification within reasonable distance and get the cash together.  In chatting last night with Franz Snideman (SFG Senior Instructor – which means he knows his stuff) he feels four to five months.  I’m leaning more towards eight or even a year.  Oh, not only do I need to be physically ready, I need to be mentally ready.  The latter might be the hard part.

“Our attitude is the primary force that will determine whether we succeed or fail.” –Dr. John C. Maxwell

A New Testimonial

How’s this for a testimonial? Last night following class, one of my regular participants (Betty Welch) stopped and thanked me on her way out the door. Not just a casual ‘thanks,’ but a heartfelt thanks. Later last night she sent me this:

Hey Tim…

Sometimes I wonder how articulate I’m being. I’m going to say it again, because I really want you to understand how much I appreciate everything you’ve taught and how much the kettlebell classes have helped me. Not just the 19 pounds that the scales now say I’ve lost, but in so many other ways!!! Thank you for all the time you put in. (I really appreciate the last two summers that you’ve kept the classes going, when you would have deserved a break.) Thanks for all the times that you’ve pushed me and for your patience. (Physical fitness has never been my strength, ever since I was a kid.) And as you’ve said, you would not be able to devote all the time that you do to teaching if you didn’t have such a supportive wife…

This has not gone unappreciated!

Thanks for coming each time, Betty and for working your arse off!

That puts a smile on my face.  🙂

By Request – The Turkish Get Up

On Saturday I hosted my very first three hour beginner kettlebell workshop.  In my mind I felt it was successful.  However, I wish I would have had more time to spend on the Turkish Get Up.

More than one person requested further description of it as there are a lot of steps to make the movement successful and worthwhile.

So, instead of me trying to describe or explain this movement, I’ll leave it to a few pros.

Gray Cook:

Here’s a further break down:

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

All four videos are worth the watch and the time spent.

There have been some subtle changes to the Get Up, including a low sweep of the foot now instead of high hips.  Either way, it’s a great movement.

Enjoy and stay tuned for updates on further workshops.  Details announced soon.

I Call Bull S**T

bullshitOkay, something about this statement has always made me a little weirded out:  “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”  I understand what whoever made that up is trying to say, but I don’t like it.  I wonder, maybe, if I’ve even uttered it.

I hope not.

The picture on the side of this post sums it up quite well, I think.

I feel it should say “nothing tastes as good as healthy and fit feels.” That may even need some work and editing.

I saw this picture today and certainly had to agree.

It’s bologna.

Achieving ‘skinny’ doesn’t mean you’re healthy.  You can be skinny fat.  This means low weight, no muscle.  Which means no muscle, skinny, but a high percentage of body fat.  That’s not good.  That’s not healthy.  Period.

A few months ago I saw on social media someone addressing the ‘fitspiration’ photos that grace all social media.  You know the ones… no?  Well, here’s one:


What’s wrong with this picture?  First off, how many people, women or men, train like this?  Seriously?

Secondly, is this a realistic image for anyone to have?  I really have no problem with the caption, but in all honesty I think this photo is somewhat an unrealistic image to portray.

How many people do you know who really look like this?  Really.  One?  Maybe two?  If you know more you’re likely in a specialized group of people working toward a fitness competition.

And maintaining that physique over an extended period of time is VERY challenging.  Just ask any competitor. You simply cannot do it.

Am I guilty of posting those in the past?  Yep.  And I try not to anymore.  From time to time I do, but I’m more aware of it now and am leery of the image portrayed by these ‘fitspiration’ messages (more often than not an advertising image).

So please, eat well, exercise, set realistic goals and you’ll be fine.

The Scale

I want to address something.  Your scale.  Please, dear God, throw the thing out the window.anti scale

Or at the very least reduce the amount of times you use it.  Please. Stop stepping on it every. single. day.  STOP.

The scale is a nice tool.  Use it occasionally as a guide, but for the love of God, please do not rely on it as your single piece of guidance to a goal.

I tried a little experiment the other day.  January 1st in fact.  In the morning I got on our scale and weighed 179 pounds.  That was after I went pee and hadn’t had anything to eat yet.  Through the day we had a celebratory meal which included, turkey, potatoes, stuffing, veggies, scalloped carrots, pumpkin pie, wine, coffee, water and an assortment of other goodies.  Of course there was breakfast and a turkey sandwich later that evening with a couple of spoonfuls of cottage cheese.  At the end of the day I’d gained about five pounds.

The next morning, I awoke with same pre-weigh ritual as the day before and was back down to 179 pounds.  I have no idea where the extra weight goes overnight.  Sorry.

My point is, if you are relying on the scale as your sole means to guide you in your weight loss or gain direction, stop it.  It’s a good tool, a guide, but not the be all end all of the journey.

Things you should be more concerned about are how do you feel?  How do your clothes fit? How do you look?  Don’t worry about how much weigh, worry about the previous questions.  Those are the things to be more concerned about on the journey to a better you.

And Happy 2013!

Goodbye 2012 – Hello 2013

It was one year ago I started Primal Movers with Tim Day.  Over that year a lot of things took place in regards to my training and business.

Let’s see – in January I did the 10,000 Swing Challenge.  Would I recommend it?  Maybe.  Be prepared for things to happen to your body you never expected.  That’s a LOT of volume over a month.  A LOT.  My fingers swelled up and my rings wouldn’t fit.  That was just one thing.

In February I re-certified with Agatsu and shortly after blew out my hip.  Good times.

This is what I wrote on my log on February 28th – “Well, this has been one of the most painful few days of my life. I don’t recall ever having things hurt this bad before.

Saturday and Sunday were really bad and I managed to track down a chiropractor. He did a few odds and ends and seemed to straighten things out a bit. Went back yesterday and that helped and then to physio today. I am standing much straighter but am still in pain.

Turns out it’s the hip flexor. That nasty thing is hurting pretty deep and causing some fun pain all over the place. Gotta like that… not. And the sucker may have been aggravated with my lovely light workout on Friday.

So another chiro appointment Thursday night… see how that goes and then maybe another physio next week.

This led to a lot of nothing and light training for a LONG time.  I cancelled classes and stuck with a bike and very light stuff till the end of April.  The hip is better now and I’m more aware of things I need to do to keep it healthy.  It’s more or less back to normal.

Through the summer I held classes in a park in Red Deer in the heat, cool, rain and semi-dark.

In the fall classes started in Bentley and will continue in a week or so.  The entire time I continued to teach at Best Body in Sylvan Lake and sell the odd kettlebell or two.

In November I became HKC certified and met some wonderful new KB trainers and a person I now consider a mentor, Franz Snideman.  The dude knows his stuff.

My kettlebell practice has been all over the place as I did a lot of learning about my body and how things are connected top to bottom.  In part I think the 10,000 Swing Challenge had something to do with my hip.

Plans are in the works for a few things for 2013 and the next three hundred and sixty odd days…

Stay tuned… and happy 2013!