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Three Month Challenge – Crow Pose – Day One

My goal with this is 30 seconds straight… solid… balanced…

Here’s the first go:

Ten-ish seconds… long ways to go..



Three Month Challenge

So, I was poking around the on the Agatsu Facebook page.  I was noticing all these people talking about a three month challenge.

I investigated.

How many times have you set a goal, started it and then stopped because you had one rough day reaching that goal?  I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count my starts and stops.

The challenge is essentially committing yourself to one thing for the next three months and trying to reach that goal.

crowI have one.  Do the Crow Pose from yoga and hold that sucker for thirty seconds.  It’s tough to do.  Go ahead, try it.  I’ll give it a whirl, see how it goes.  I’ve kinda messed with it over the last few years, but haven’t really gotten anywhere with it.  Mainly because I haven’t committed to it.  Funny thing is, I’m starting this in the middle of the Christmas season and I’ll also be on holidays in the middle of it, too.

Should be a good challenge.  Now, before you scoff and say “oh, I can do that!”  Well, good for you, I can’t. 🙂  I aim to fix that.

Bring it.  March 21st, here I come.

How about you?  Are you in, too?  Post a comment and lemme know!

Oh, and note I’m not waiting to start till January 1st.  🙂

Kettlebell Workshop – UPDATE!! Sold Out!! But wait… there’s more…

Alrighty, the first one sold out.  I have enough folk to host the workshop in January 12th.

What am I talking about?  Click HERE.

This means we can open an afternoon session on the same day at 2:00pm.

Same deal, $70.00 for the three hour session.  It’ll start at 2:00pm and wrap up at 5:00pm.  Click the link above for more details or email me at

Lets ‘swing’ in the New Year.


Face it, when you read the title you groaned a little.. didn’t you?

Honest to God, they suck.  There is no two ways about it, they are awful and no doubt there are a million things you would rather do than stupid burpees.

But guess what?  They are part of the classes I teach.  Plain and simple you will do burpees.  Not a lot.  But just enough to annoy you.  Usually just ten.  Trust me, that’s enough to annoy you.

Where did these monstrosities come from?  You can thank a dude named Royal H. Burpee.  Read all about them here.

I bring this up because a picture from a friend of mine, who is also a kettelbeller, was posted on my Facebook page.  Here it is:

burpee  I laughed and laughed and laughed.  It’s true.  If there were a count of how many burpees you needed to do in order to burn off the latte, would you drink it?  I’d like to think ‘no, probably not.’

There needs to be a paradigm shift.  If you think about the amount of work it would take to burn off a certain food item, you might rethink eating or drinking that item.

Read this for further explanation.  Click here.

Now, why do I make you do burpees?  The easy answer is ‘because.’  That, however, is not fair.

The health benefits are substantial.  This is a whole body movement done with NO equipment in it’s most basic form.  You need NOTHING to do them.  NOT A THING.  Just a little space and some willpower.

Want a few more ideas why?  Read this.

Believe me when I tell you I hate them just as much as you.  But they are a great conditioning tool and a great piece to add to a warm up.

Now drop and gimme ten.

Kettlebell Workshop

A lot of people see them and aren’t quite sure how to use them.  The kettlebell.  It’s an innocent looking hunk of metal that can sit collecting a ton of dust in a kbs ice creamcorner cause people are afraid to use them.  Or simply don’t know how.

Well, let’s end that fear.  Sure, they look intimidating.  They have no moving parts, can be incredibly heavy and appear unwieldy.  But used safely, wisely and skillfully the can look smooth and graceful and move with ease.

This grace and ease doesn’t happen over night or in one practice session.  It can take hours and thousands of reps to even start to feel like you may know what you are doing with a kettlebell.  The important part is starting and knowing where to start.

city motionThis is where some new found friends come into play. Jonathan Wieler and Krystal Kromm found me out and inquired about hosting a workshop.  Together they own City Motion in Red Deer.  Find them on Twitter at @CityMotionRD or visit their site at – they’re on the west side of Gaetz Ave across from Original Joe’s.  Their address is 5116-48th Street.

Coming up on January 12th at 10:00am  there will be a three hour workshop designed to get you familiar with the kettlebell and how it can be an effective training tool in your everyday life or how you can incorporate it into your current training regime.  The cost is $70.00 per person and the session will cover everything you need to know to get going – safety – warm up – The Swing – Goblet Squat and Turkish Get Up and maybe a few other surprises.

You can pay online by clicking the PayPal button below or drop into City Motion to pay by cheque.  Cheques needkbs to be made payable to “Primal Movers with Tim Day.” In order for this to work we will need a minimum of four paid participants and a maximum of ten or so.  If the 10:00am space fills up, we may be able to work in a second one later in the day.

The registration deadline and deadline to pay is January 9th, 2013 at Noon.  All you need to bring is some water, shoes, workout gear and a willingness to learn and try some new movements that you will hopefully find addicting!  I’ll be there with, uh, bells on?  ha.

Sign up soon and experience what a kettlebell can do for you.  Email for more information at


We have surpassed the maximum amount of participants for one class (10 max – 14 outside of my wife and I are going to this – according to Facebook). A second will need to be added on January 12th. It will start at 2pm and will run till 5pm.

Quicker payment will ensure the workshop time you want. If we wind up with only enough paid participants for one workshop, we’ll stick with the plan of 10am.

Contact me at with questions or to arrange payment or pay with cash or cheque at City Motion. Make cheques payable to “Primal Movers with Tim Day.” When paying, please give us your preferred workshop time. We’ll be filling the 10am first.

Remember, payment deadline is January 9th at Noon.