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“Bikini Body for Spring?” Now’s The Time

Yep, it’s November and I’m encouraging you to think about what all the fitness magazines will start spewing to you in six to eight weeks.  New Year’s Resolutions and Bikini Bodies.

In mere weeks we’ll be slammed with “how to get the six pack you’ve always wanted” (assuming you’ve always wanted one.  Or, “beach body perfect in 21 days.”  (don’t buy into that).  “Or three moves guaranteed to have you ready for the weekend at the water.” (I’ll bet the three moves I’d give you are different than what the magazine would pick.)  The slop is endless.  Seriously.  It sells magazines and sometimes offers false hopes that YOU or I can be ready for a ‘surf boarders six pack’ in one month.  Don’t waste whatever the magazine costs for five pages of mostly glossy photos and next to no words.  There is NOTHING they will write in there that is magic or new.

I’ll state right now, I don’t usually make resolutions.  And if I do I’m not going to wait till the first of January to do so.  If you want to change something, do it NOW.  Don’t wait till Monday or January 1st, do it NOW.

That being typed, start planning the bikini body today.  Well, okay, I’ll give you till tomorrow cuz I just sprung this on you.  There are some major hurdles ahead.  Christmas delights being one of them.  If you can get through the onslaught of chocolate, cookies, chocolate cookies, eggnog (yuck) and whatever else might find its way in front of you, you’re ahead of the game.  Honest to goodness, this next month or so can be the most challenging.

Don’t, I repeat, DON’T say “I’ll wait till after the holidays are done.”  If you start today (okay, tomorrow) you’ll be SIX weeks ahead of all those waiting for the first day of 2013.  Ya, you may slip up a bit and dip into the chocolate a little, but don’t let that deter you.  Get back on the horse and ride on.

Oh, and about those three moves, email me if you want my suggestions at  I might even throw in a fourth that is so simple, you’ll smile.


A Weekend Full of Learning

Wow… what a weekend!

On Saturday I had the privilege of hosting an HKC class.  That is Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification.  It teaches students three basic movements when it comes to kettlebell training, the Swing, the Turkish Get Up and the Goblet Squat.  It allows us to teach those three movements to others.

Franz Snideman came up from his facility in San Diego, Revolution Fitness, to instruct us.  I cannot say enough good things about this man.  He is passionate about fitness and movement and shows. Big Time.

The day started with an entrance exam.  For men, five pull ups or chin ups and for women a fifteen second flexed arm hang or five pull ups or chin ups.  There were eight of us and we all made it.

From there it was the most basic kettlebell movement next.  The Swing.  I would say it was about two and a half to three hours before we actually started swinging a bell.  We went over a lot of mechanics to ensure each of us knew how to move with it.  I did a lot of relearning and readjusting and refocusing on the swing.  It shows, I’m sore today.  (I write this Monday morning and we did the class on Saturday).  It’s hard to critique your own movements, so getting another hands on look at it for me was important.

We started talking about the Swing around 10:00am or so and were done with it around 2:00pm.  Basic movement, lots to learn.

Following a break we did some Primal Move stuff (which I’m crazy excited about) and then onto the Turkish Get Up and Goblet Squat.  Two more great movements to add to a practice routine.  Then testing and done.

A full day of learning.. not only physically demanding (although not as much volume as I thought we might get – still, we did a ton of swings), but mentally demanding.  There was a lot to go over and I hope I can remember even a tenth of it.

Full points to Franz for coming from 80F temperatures to about 25F temperatures!  It was a great class with great people from all over. Participants from St. Albert, Brooks, Victoria, B.C. and Central Alberta.

Would I recommend this to a non-trainer type?  Yep.  Anyone who wants to truly understand these moves, even if you’re not teaching would be interested in this class.

Simply amazing.  I hope to be able to bring the enthusiasm to my classes!