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Legs – Good Lord, Work Your Legs

I just read something that boggled my mind.  Someone on a forum I visit doesn’t want to work legs.  Now, I should preface this by saying that’s all the information they provided.  No reasoning as to WHY they didn’t want to work legs, just ‘not interested.’  Perhaps there’s more to this, like they can’t… maybe they are in a wheelchair.  Not sure, they didn’t give any clue as to why he or she is ‘not interested.’

Why should you work legs?  Well, because you kinda need them.  You walk with them, get in and out of a chair with them, run with them, hold yourself up with them, basically you NEED them to pretty much anything.

Take, for instance, the tree.  If a tree had a skinny little trunk (ie: legs), it wouldn’t stand for very long.  The wind would knock it over, a gentle push would have it down in seconds, all because it had skinny legs.

Every single body part needs to be worked, not necessarily ‘focused on,’ but worked.  If you are doing a split routine which focuses on individual body parts, don’t skip leg day.

If you are doing a full body routine, ensure your legs get some work.

And no, the treadmill isn’t enough.



Dammit, Let’s Have Some Fun – Part II

I’ve mentioned this before on this site, and I’ll mention it again, training, practice, working out, whatever you wanna call it needs to have a certain level of fun.  I mean how many of us like doing things the aren’t fun?

I’ve just started a registered kettlebell class in Bentley.  It’s twelve classes in all and I want this crew to keep coming back.  Not only to gain strength and a healthier lifestyle, but to have fun.  Ya, I want them to work hard, but there also needs to be some laughter in there somewhere.

Tonight we had some laughs, told some jokes and heard some interesting comments.  It was fun.

Some of the comments will even find themselves onto Twitter and Facebook.  Follow along on Twitter at primalmoverstd or FB at – you might read some interesting things that will make you want to join in on the fun.


So, You’ve Fallen Off the Diet Horse…

It happens… the Holidays arrive and you eat every single thing in sight. Well, maybe not every single thing, but if you’re like me, I’ve felt like it.

I heard this morning the average Thanksgiving meal is about 2000 calories.  I dunno if that’s true or not, but that’s about the average daily caloric intake we are supposed to have.  Only 2000 calories a day.  Add the leftovers and other goods you eat through the day and you might be pushing close to, if not past, 4000 calories.  Keep in mind to burn a pound of fat, you need to burn off 3500 calories.  Burning that many calories is a LOT of work.

Okay, so you’ve fallen off the diet horse, or in some cases, been bucked off and landed hard.  Get back on.  Forget the fact you scarfed down an extra slice of pumpkin pie.  It’s done, you can’t undo it. Move on.

I’m suggesting you get a hold on this now and gain some willpower soon.  Why?  Well, because effective now, we are moving into the Holiday Season.  Halloween is here in three weeks and then it’s Christmas time in full swing.

Get a handle on it now and you will be fine.  Or figure out how to burn about 3500 extra calories a day.

Bentley Bells Are Here! – UPDATE! PART TWO!!

Bentley Bells update: I am currently running drop ins at the Bentley Elementary School.  They wrap up on Thursday, December 20th.

The nights are Tuesdays at 7:00pm and Thursdays at 7:30pm. The cost is $12.00 for a drop in class.

Another registered class will start on January 8th and will run Tuesdays at 7:00pm and Thursdays at 7:30pm and will run for six weeks, a total of 12 classes.  The cost is $120.00.  If you plan on attending, please email me so I have a head count in advance.  My email address is