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Summer Park Bells and Beyond

Well, summer is here, but that doesn’t mean you need to stop exercising.  I have been asked to carry the classes through the summer and I shall!  These will be non-registered and just straight ahead drop ins.  The fee for each class is $12.00 and the dates are as follows:

July 10th, 17th, 24th, 26th (the 31st is up in the air).  August will be the 2nd, 7th, 9th, 21st, 23rd, 28th and 30th with the times still being 7:00pm.  Of course, as with anything, dates can change for whatever reason and I will do my best to keep everyone informed either via text, Facebook or Twitter.

Also, as the fall and winter near, I am hoping to continue classes in Red Deer indoors.  If you know someone who has access to a facility about 30’x50′ or equivalent square footage with a high ceiling (10′ or higher), please let me know.  In the meantime, the classes will take place in the current location of Johnstone Fitness Park at Jennings and Jack Crescent.

On that, Happy Canada Day Weekend!

Sometimes the Training Sessions You Don’t Wanna Do Are the Best

Thursday I drove to the gym trying to think of any legitimate reason to not go.  My hip hurts, I feel a headache coming on, I’m tired, I’m old, it’s cloudy, it’s June…. blah blah blah.

But I drove there, changed, put on the Vibrams and faced the scheduled practice.  This day it was about a ten minute warm up, followed by ten minutes more of practicing a few moves (some shall remain nameless, but if you are a regular attendee of Park Bells you know ‘the movement’) and then 12:00 of Manmakers. That was to be followed by stretching to fill an hour.

Manmakers, by the way, are swings alternated with some sort of active recovery (jumping jacks, skipping rope, etc).  The work/rest period can be adjusted however you like.  Since I’ve started back on a more ‘full time’ basis, I’ve been doing a 30 seconds of work alternated with 30 seconds or AR.  My cardio sucks right now so I’ve been lucky to get to the 30 seconds of work. In 30 seconds I can knock off 19 or 20 swings.  The past five weeks I’ve been averaging around 200 swings in 12:00.  No my best performance.

So, there I was, doing my thing and being all relaxed and casual just wanting to get it done.  The first few sets of swings were, dare I say, easy.  19’s or 20’s.  When 12:00 was finished I counted 231!  So, I counted again.. and again.  231!  That’s about 30 more this session than the last bunch!

I dunno why and frankly, I don’t care.  All I know is I didn’t want to be there, but had one of the best training sessions in ages.

And man, if felt good.  I think I should not want to go more often.

Change of Scenery

One of the biggest complaints I hear about exercising is ‘it’s the same thing over and over again.’  Well, it needn’t be… in fact, it shouldn’t be.  Routines should change otherwise they get stale, and frankly, so will you.

Scenery needs to change also.  I love Alberta and all it has to offer, but training outside is next to impossible in this province year round.  If I could practice outside all the time, I would.  It’s just not a possibility here.

However, spring, summer and fall can offer the ability to train outside.  Winter can too, if you like that sorta thing.  However, I’m not too keen on finding perfect footing in snow and ice, thank you very much.

Scenery, like your routine, should change once in a while.  I held a kettlebell class outside tonight.  This wasn’t the first one and won’t be the last, that’s for sure.  It felt different, refreshing, almost new.  It’s good for the brain.

Nothing wrong with being in a gym, but that can get stale, too.  If you wanna train inside, by all means, go ahead.  But change your view once in a while.  Move to a different room or area.  Trust me, it’ll make a difference.  Even if you are doing the same training program.

Change it up, move around, change rooms, whatever.  Just change the scenery once in a while.

And for goodness sake, have fun!

Today I Don’t Feel Very Fit

As I move around this morning, chugging the gallon or so of coffee I plan on consuming, I’m feeling stiff, aches, pains (hip still bothers me) and just a general sense of poor mobility.

I can only imagine how those who took part in the Muscles In Motion event for Muscular Dystrophy in Sylvan Lake yesterday feel today.  I just hosted/MC’d and didn’t do a whole lot of activity.

I don’t feel fat… I just don’t feel fit.  I’m training/practicing on a regular basis, tossing in yoga on occasion and still feel not fit. Kinda bums me out, but it is also makes me realize that the older I get the more mobility stuff I need to do.  Yep, more yoga, yep more stretching following a practice session.  I’m hitting just about thirty minutes now with a foam roller and stretching.  Needs to be done.

Right now, at my age, it’s not so much about the mirror muscles as it is being able to stand up and actually look in a mirror. 🙂

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to hobble to the kitchen and continue to drain the coffee pot.