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Well, duh….

The headline in the Globe and Mail reads “Nutella backs off ‘balanced breakfast’ claims after hit with $3-million lawsuit.”

Seriously.  Someone, no, a group of mothers in the U.S. are suing the makers of the chocolate/nut spread for three. million. dollars.  because, and again I quote the Globe and Mail ” they were shocked when they found out that the Nutella they were spreading on their kids’ bread was a confection that packed twice as much sugar as a similar amount of jam or syrup.”  Here’s the whole story.

In their defense, the spread has been claiming in ads on television that’s it’s ‘healthy’ and ‘nutritious.’  The basic claim is that they were misled. Okay, that I can sorta buy.  Misleading advertising kinda bothers me.  False claims suck and this appears to be one of them.

Now the part that cheeses me off.  Did they NOT read the LABEL?

I now present it to you in black and white (from :

Hell-freakin’-lo.  A 37 gram serving has 21 grams of sugar!  AND 200 calories.  You slap that on a couple slices of toast, with or without butter or margarine and you’ve got a meal that is likely near 1000 calories!  That’s about HALF of the daily average.  And who is only going to use the suggested serving?  Restrict a six year old to two tablespoons.  Go ahead, I dare you.

For years and years people were begging to get nutritional information given to them.  And here it is.  BOOM.  While I don’t feel all of the labels are 100% accurate you can’t honestly tell me this is healthy by reading this label. C’mon, who are you trying to kid?

Oh, their suit also claims this (also gleaned from the Globe and Mail): “Plaintiff does not read scholarly publications or other materials describing the negative impact of consuming foods high in saturated fat and refined sugars.”  The ‘plaintiff does not read scholarly publications or other materials…” Well, neither do I.  And really, who does?  I don’t buy this argument.

I’m gonna say this:  Don’t expect big food corporations to make YOUR health a concern or priority.  THEY. DON’T. CARE.  They want to make a product taste good so YOU eat more.  Plain and simple.  And really, you can’t blame them, they want to make money just like you and I.

YOU need to take responsibility for your diet and exercise.  Ferrero, USA (they make Nutella and I think the chocolates Ferrero Rocher) will not provide you with a diet plan.  I’m pretty sure of that.

These women are going to make some cash from not taking the time to do some research and by claiming to be duped into believing this spread was healthy.

It just makes me angry that some of us want to point blame at others for things they ultimately do not control.  Only one person makes you put that stuff in your face, one person makes you take a drag of that smoke, one person makes you speed.. well, you get the point.

Read, learn, educate yourself and you’ll get a lot further along without the help of big corporations.



See the guy in this picture?  His name is Shawn Mozen.  He’s the man behind Agatsu where I received my kettlebell      certification.

What he’s doing there, it appears, is a set of kettlebell clean and jerks with a pair of 24 kilogram kettlebells.  That is pretty remarkable and something  I hope to be able to achieve at some point in my life.

What else is remarkable about this picture?  His surroundings.  That room, my friend, is your standard hotel room.   Yep, he travels with his kettlebells.

Here’s what he had to say about this picture:  “Training while on the road this year has been a challenging experience. Saturday night after 8 hours of teaching and then a meeting I did my set in my hotel room at 10pm. Today I ran in the hail and realized I am not hoping for an easy set on Saturday but rather the will to endure a difficult one. That for me is what this training has and always will be about.”

Shawn travels all over the world and spends plenty of time living out of a suitcase.  But, he always seems to find time to do his own practice.  This after he spends eight hours with students and potential instructors where he himself is active, too.

It’s easy to make excuses, Lord knows I’ve come up with my own on occasion.  You cannot make up a missed workout or practice session.  Don’t kid yourself.

Believe me when I say this, if excuses had a weight attached to them, no one would use them, either.

Quit making them.

Objects In the Rear View Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

But they are still behind you…

I read a great quote from a friend of mine on Facebook, and if she’s reading this, well, she knows who she is.  This is it:  life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.

How true is that?  In all aspects, including a healthy lifestyle.

I have no idea how many times I say to myself, “gee, I wish I had started living healthier twenty years ago.”  Well, I didn’t, so get over it.  Move on and make better choices from now on.  Eat better, move more often, you know the drill.

If you caved and had an Oreo or six or the whole bag understand it’s been done and you can’t erase that.  You can prevent it, though.  I forget who said it, Lombardi?  It’s not going to be easy, but it’s going to be worth it.

Quit looking in the rear view mirror for things you may regret when it comes to health and fitness (and for life in general, too), cause what’s coming at you is in the windshield and if you’re not paying attention it’s gonna crash right through.

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”  John F. Kennedy



Exercise Your…

…right to vote.


Monday is election day in Alberta.  A chance for an “X” to make a change.  I’m not one to tell you who to vote for or who I’m voting for, but for God’s sake, put the pencil to paper on Monday and let your right make a point.

Many people in other countries would die (probably quite literally) for the opportunity you and I have, yet a pathetic amount of citizens take the two minutes to vote.

Trust me, it’s easier than two minutes of kettlebell swings.  Don’t believe?  Drop me a note.  We’ll set something up.

In all the years I’ve had the privilege of voting in Alberta I have never seen some much discussion about an election.  The results show could be interesting.

I almost decided to take advantage of the advanced poll just in case another candidate said something that would make me change my mind between now and Monday, but what’s the fun in that?

Oh, and while you’re deciding who to vote for, get active.  You can do a lot of thinking swinging a kettlebell.

How We Eat Is A Funny Thing

Food is funny.  How we treat is even funnier.

I want to remind you once again, I am not a registered dietician, so I can’t really give you a professional point of view with food and meal plans.  But, really, a lot of it is common sense.

Thousands of years ago food was a necessity.  Still, it is, but now it’s kind of become recreation.  See food, eat it.  That’s kind of the mentality we’ve come to in our society.  I’m pretty sure though, some cultures don’t treat food how we do.

Let me introduce you to Franz Snideman.  You can find him here on Facebook or here at his blog.  With any luck I’ll be meeting him this fall.  That’s a story for another time, though.

Anyhoo, here’s a bit about him:

15 years in the fitness industry and Senior RKC Kettlebell Instructor based in La Jolla, CA. Co-owner of Revolution Fitness Kettlebell Studio in La Jolla, CA. Father of two wonderful kids!!!

He posted the following on Facebook earlier today:

Some random thoughts:

1) Don’t eat things that your know make you feel like crap. I have done this for years and am perplexed why I do this.

2) Eat the best quality food you have access to. you are what you eat.

3) The emotional state you are in while you eat is highly important. Hard to digest food well when you are angry, sad and depressed.

4) Remember to live a little and eat plenty of dark chocolate, have a bit of red wine and some good coffee.

I certainly will NOT disagree with statement four and definitely not number three.  I preach number two to a lot of people.  The one that struck me was number one.  I’m guilty of this, too.  And after reading it I wonder why?

There is a certain fast food I get a craving for and once in a while cave and get it (I haven’t eaten this in a long time – I want to say in about a year).  But I know when I’m done I’m going to feel like crap.  And I do.  Every. Single. Time.

So why do we do it?  I’m starting to feel we really need to approach food in a totally different manner.  Trying not to see it as recreation or a hobby, but really think about it as we eat.  Analyze the situation, almost.

Let me propose a challenge to you; as you eat, think about the food.  Don’t just chew it, think about it.  Texture, taste, all of it.  You might wind up with a different approach to eating.

The One Arm Swing

In a nutshell, this is it.  This fella knows his stuff and is always worth a watch.  Dave Whitley is his name.

One Arm Swing

Watch it and make notes of your swing form.

Check out his blog, too.  It won’t be a waste of your time if you want to improve with kettlebells.

Dave Whitley – Irontamer


The Value of Time


Think about it.  It’s something we all have in common.

According to Wikipedia (again, cause everything on the Internet is true) “time is a part of the measuring system used to sequence events, to compare the durations of events and the intervals between them, and to quantify rates of change such as the motions of objects.”  It seems to be infinite yet it’s fleeting.  We have no idea what is going to happen tomorrow, next week or even the next second.  And because it’s so quick and mysterious, we sometimes devalue it.

I had a discussion with a friend tonight about time and it’s value.  Truly, one’s time is priceless but I can pretty much guarantee you won’t get an infinite amount of money from someone wanting to buy your service.  There is a limit somewhere.

You need to put a value on your time, what you think it’s worth.  Whether it’s something fitness and health related, career, family, whatever.  Don’t let anyone cheapen your time or give it a lesser value than you feel it’s worth.  We’ve all said it: “it’s not worth my time.”  Okay, easy to say, but what is your time worth?

Time – He’s waiting in the wings, He speaks of senseless things, His script is you and me boys – David Bowie